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About the brand

Gourji - is a new Russian brand on the luxury goods market. It is unique and has no analogues.

The philosophy and style of the Gourji brand are inextricably linked with the history of Russia. The brand takes a fresh look at the Eurasian cultural and historical context in which Russia is a melting pot of hundreds of cultures.

The basic idea of ​​the Gourji brand - is to identify the brightest features of the artistic heritage of the past and present it in a contemporary way.

The brand's mission

To create an international luxury accessory brand from Eurasia, where Eurasia - a territory with ethnic groups, aesthetics and history, but not a political or ideological concept.

To create a new luxury based on the cultural and aesthetic achievements of the peoples of Eurasia.

To create and distribute accessories, reflecting the cultural, aesthetic and historical context of the peoples and cultures of the Eurasian continent.

Creator of the brand

The initiator of the project Dmitri Gourji - "a man of the world", toured dozens of countries. An intellectual and romantic, a successful businessman, a collector, a man of varied interests. His passion about the country's history and theories of the Eurasian states, Eurasian culture has prompted the idea of creating his own brand.

"Any event in the history of the country worthy of reflection, including art, - says Dmitri Gourji - Whatever the time may be from an ideological or economic point of view, in all periods masterpieces of art and things that we call the era's calling cards, were created. Today, they are reassessed and help take a fresh look at our history. We give new meaning to a bygone age, because the artistic and aesthetic value of things is almost always outside ideology and politics."

Our potential clients

  • successful, established, seeking to express themselves,
  • with exquisite taste and sense of style,
  • with a sense of humor and quick wit prone to self-irony,
  • with a unique approach to the selection of accessories, with a tendency towards extravagance,
  • aware of their close connection with the history and culture of their country.


Продукций Gourji Продукций Gourji Продукций Gourji

The Gourji brand cooperates with the best producers and professionals - artists, designers, jewelers - both in Russia and abroad (Italy, Germany, Switzerland).

Developing partnerships with Russian manufacturers (Fedoskino, Lefortovo porcelain factory, etc.), the Gourji brand uses a creative approach to production, as well as helping the revival of traditional Russian arts and crafts (lacquer miniatures and painting on porcelain, etc.).