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Scarf "Windows", 140x140

Scarf "Windows", 140x140

Article : T21ALFAV8S

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Twenty windows of various shapes and configurations, each displaying an amazingly beautiful frame – this is the theme of a shawl that carries the same name. The multilevel composition is represented not only in the division of the shawl’s field into twenty equal blocks, but also in the design of window frames. Simple or elaborate, adorned with floral ornaments or spellbindingly modest, these frames are picturesque and delightful. The unpretentious printed curtains with polka-dot or floral patterns, fluttering veils and flowing laces do not only decorate these twenty windows but also bring out what is behind them. The characters inhabiting the “behind-the-window” space are quite diverse; among these are children, men and women, cats and birds, and of course flowers. Such design evokes an atmosphere that is both homely and bubbling with life.
Scarf "Windows", 140x140 Scarf "Windows", 140x140 Scarf "Windows", 140x140