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Scarf "Astral"

Scarf "Astral"

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Scarves and stoles from the new Gourji collection "Russian avant-garde" were originally designed with an eye on the male audience. Motives of scarves "Astral", "Factory", "Stars" and stoles "Rowers", "Motorcyclists," "Sail", are a modern version of so-called campaign fabrics of the 1920s - 1940s. Artists of that period who are hardly known today, just by one dynamic addition of a figure of a motorcyclist and rower, a monumental silhouette of a factory or turbine managed to create a new artistic language and convey the spirit of the time. The pattern of Gourji accessories uses the same method of multiple repetition of one motif according to the laws of symmetry, and this "campaigning" is compelling in its sincerity and historical pathos. Size 65x180
Collection: Russian Avant-garde