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Scarf "Re-nutrition", 140x140

Scarf "Re-nutrition", 140x140

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The lovers and connoisseurs of pop art will not remain indifferent to the new silk scarf “Re-Nutrition” from the “Unconventional Symbols” collection. It is quite a departure from the previous shawls and scarves issued by Gourji, both in terms of artistic style and the subject matter. The main idea of the designer, a young Moscow artist, was to reveal to some and to remind to others that the “food basket” in the Soviet period was quite modest, to say the least. In the years of developed socialism, kissel and other soft drinks, cheese and cigarettes were referred to as “consumer goods”. The designer has chosen twenty-eight of these goods and placed them in separate multicoloured cells. The older generation will undoubtedly recognise the familiar foodstuffs and their austere packaging, while those a little younger may find these unusual, strange yet amusing. This unorthodox scarf is therefore quite esoteric. The stylish design and artistic concept of this somewhat kitschy accessory makes it an excellent present to both the dandies of the late 1950s and those our contemporaries who enjoy a sense of humour, some self-irony and an individual style.  85%modal,15%cashmere
Collection: Unconditional Symbols