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Paperweight "Aviator" glossy finish silver-plate/resin

Paperweight "Aviator" glossy finish silver-plate/resin

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Paperweight "Aviator"  Original and very pleasing solution for a real office problem. Glossy finish, silver-plate/resin In the 1930's soviet determination to conquer space and time was reflected in boundless respect for aviators -pilots. The romance of this profession, flying airships and balloons were the most visual image of not only the technical capacity of the new state, but eventually became one of the most recognizable symbols of the Soviet era. Office sculpture - "Pilot" is a smaller copy of an unrealized project of one of the most famous soviet sculptors - Vera Mukhina. This model was a prototype for the sculpture intended as the monument to the pilots, who in April, 1934 saved members of Otto Schmidt's polar expedition on board the "Chelyuskin" from ice captivity. Two cabinet sculptures Gourji - "Pilot" and "Girl with paddle" clearly express the aesthetic preferences of the advocates of social realism, which was taking its first steps in the beginning of the 1930's. In those years, soviet visual arts returned to the ideals of antiquity: sculpture and decor, which remind of either ancient Roman or ancient Greek examples. Miniature sculptures  - "Pilot" and "Girl with a paddle" in silver-plate are made for Gourji in Europe and replicate exactly the smallest details of the original sculptures.