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Shawl "Arkhangelskoye", 135x185

Shawl "Arkhangelskoye", 135x185

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The appeal of this stunning classical shawl lies in its striking artistic authenticity. “Arkhangelskoye” is yet another spectacular addition to the series of elegant graphic-like black-and-white shawls and scarves by Gourji (“Samson”, “The Friendship of the Peoples Fountain” and “Ancient Mansion”). The country estate Arkhangelskoye, often referred to as the Versailles of the Moscow region, is a magnificent park and palace ensemble built in the Classicism style of the late 18th century. The shawl’s composition boasts a meticulously detailed academic-like drawing; its focal point being a small fountain depicted in front of a palace. The fountain’s scenic beauty is further enhanced by the streaming flows of water and the small cherubs. The two majestic stone lions placed at the bottom corners of the shawl are brought out by the fine background of the Yusupov palace itself, the wide staircase and the terraces adorned with beautiful marble sculptures. The border of this black-and-white sha
Collection: Unconditional Symbols

Size: 140x180