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Shawl "Borodino"

Shawl "Borodino"

Article : T21BOR9S

Paying homage to the 200th anniversary of Russia’s victory in the Patriotic War of 1812, the multi-figured “Borodino” shawl is fashioned in rich saturated colours and, due to its colour and composition, is evocative of the naive Russian decorative print shawls. The artist has taken a well-aligned and justified decision to add a touch of primitivity to the shawl’s design. Seemingly drawn by a child, the little soldiers and cavalrymen, cannons and cannonballs, drummers and hussars, generals and marshals in bright clothes resemble a small picture painted in the traditional Russian primitivistic (lubok) style. Such depiction of one of the most remarkable battles of the Russian army in the Patriotic War – the battle of Borodino – is perfectly befitting the aesthetics of the Russian folklore. The stylised inscription “Borodino 1812” placed against the background of gunfire smoke is not a mere ornament, but a reminder of the occasion which the shawl commemorates. The decorative border, remin
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