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Rich in colour and full of life, a poppy flower, with its delicate quivering petals, is as pictorial as the ornate background of the “Poppies” shawl from “The Nature of Eurasia” collection. Having adopted the Pop Art’s concept of the enlargement of details, the artist has blown up the poppy’s petals as much as it was allowed by the available space. It is possible to say that this shawl has a double pattern, since the magnificent poppies are placed against the background of a bright and sumptuously ornamented scarf. The impressionistic origin of the background is reminiscent of Matisse’s palette. The exquisite painting makes the shawl “Poppies” a refined and unique work of art. On the border of the scarf, handwritten by the artist to imitate the Arabic ligature, are the verses of Hafiz. 100% cashmere.
Collection: Nature of Eurasia

Size: 140х180 см