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Shawl "Spring holiday"

Shawl "Spring holiday"

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Spring - a very special time of year, when many peoples have special rituals and ceremonies dedicated to its advent. One of the most colorful traditions - the Kazakh holiday "Nauryz". There is a sign: the more magnificent the celebration, the more auspicious will be the year. Therefore, the Kazakhs do not skimp and set a rich table with the most beautiful dishes. Examples of these utensils we can see on the shawl, which was drawn by artist Marina Usacheva. On the left, the patterns on the plates and cups look more like snowflakes, and on the right they turn into a golden glow. This transition from winter to summer happens in seven (the sacred number of the Kazakhs) stages, each of which is designated by its own color - a touch of pure spring sky, and in the middle - a ray of sunshine.
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