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Shawl "Christmas"

Shawl "Christmas"

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Shawl is available in two types: one - with a golden-black border, decorated with stylized medieval floral ornament with alternating images of the star of Bethlehem; the second - with a red and blue ornamental border. The art technique of this artist's original shawl "Christmas", by artist Sophia Utkina, resembles the style of medieval mosaics. Iconography clearly corresponds to the mosaics, which once decorated churches in  early Christian times. The multi-level organization of the area of the shawl combines three canonical Christmas scenes: on the left - glad tidings of Christ's birth to the shepherds; in the corner -  the seated Joseph; in the center - servants bathing the Christ-child; to the right - the three wise men: old, middle aged and young. The multiple figured composition interacts naturally with the showy and colorful background, which in itself is saturated with miniature images.
Collection: Eurasian Sources