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Shawl "Countryside", 135x185

Shawl "Countryside", 135x185

Article : T20RKR10BNS

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The unusual and colourful shawls revive the old tradition of decorative print shawls. The folk motifs are expressed through bright natural colours and a specific workmanship technique. The “Countryside” shawl features an intentional simplification of the images making them look naive and primitive to imply the natural and uncomplicated rustic life style. The peculiar combination of rich natural colours does not only bring out a distinct soulful and heartfelt mentality, it also expresses the strong bond with the poetics of the Russian folklore. It would be fascinating to closely examine the shawl’s pattern, to discern the individual images and figures inhabiting the countryside: the people, both working and resting, the animals (the useful domestic ones alongside with a thievish fox and an insidious wolf), the river, the pond and even the mere water puddles. The traditional approach to the decorative generalisation of motifs, the type of composition and the colour pattern make this sha
Collection: Eurasian Sources