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Платок "Византийский бестиарий" синий | шелк

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The name of the new model - "Bestiary" (fr om the Latin word bestia,meaning "beast") - refers to the name of medieval illuminated manuscripts with images of various animals and mythical creatures. For this model, there are two versions of shawls: "Russian bestiary" with six images of mythical creatures from slavic myths and "Byzantine bestiary", wh ere against the background of byzantine ornament, medallions with images of medieval fairytale characters are  repeated rhythmically.  Shawls are available in several colors. Size 120x120, composition 100% silk
Collection: Myths of Eurasia
Size: 120x120
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Платок "Византийский бестиарий" синий | шелк Платок "Византийский бестиарий" синий | шелк