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Шаль "Животные"| кашемир/модал

Шаль "Животные"| кашемир/модал

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This joyous multifigured shawl “Animals” is beautiful and informative. Issued in two colours, white and blue, this buoyant shawl features an astonishing abundance of various fauna species embedded in small pastel-coloured circles. The artist has taken a well-alligned and justified decision to add a touch of primitivity to the shawl’s design. The depicted images of birds and beasts evoke the naivete of a child’s drawing, which makes this shawl appear more homely and relaxing. This model is characterised by the techniques used in the traditional art of the Russian folk shawls, such as decorative generalisation of motifs and rhythmic repetitions; it is also notable for the softness of its chromatic design. Composed of a multitude of minuscule squares and the four ornamental circles in each corner, the border is well-defined and resembles a homemade frame handcrafted to hold one’s favourite picture.
Collection: Nature of Eurasia

Size: 140x180
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